Whatever your business’s IT requirements, from simple casual help desk support to a fully managed IT service, the individual building blocks of the solution are extremely important. IQX has a portfolio of powerful managed services solutions that we can use to improve your IT infrastructure and achieve a real return on your investment.

IT Solutions

Some of these solutions include:

  • Infrastructure Solutions
    • Server and client platform
    • Security platform as managed antivirus, antispam, backup and disaster recovery
    • Network platform as virtual private networks, firewalls and managed data backbones
    • Asset tracking and reporting
    • Cloud services
  • Online Marketing
    • Search Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Analytics
    • Social Media
  • Web Solutions
    • We develop and host web solution to both large and small businesses
    • Professional and elegant websites
    • High level of usability and flexibility
  • Support & Training
    • Project Management
    • Networking, software & hardware
    • Smart mobile systems
    • Customized training courses
  • IT Staffing
    • Identification of your IT requirements and thorough vetting of candidate qualifications
    • Save resources, and eliminate staffing-related headaches
    • Mitigate your risks, while maximizing your return on investment in HR